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Basalt Continuous Fiber
Application of Basalt continuous fiber materials
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Basalt fiber has specific ranges of use due to its properties. As basalt fiber is characterized by chemical and thermal stability, this material can be used in areas where the use of other materials is inefficient. For example, basalt fiber can be used in production of geo textiles, reinforcing materials, high-temperature filters, materials for automobile industry, reinforcing nets, composite materials, for reinforcing concrete building structures and road asphaltic-concrete pavements and for producing waterproof materials. The companies that use glass fiber and carbon fiber for producing composite materials can use basalt fiber for this purpose.

The data on materials based on basalt continuous fiber, products from these materials, and the branches of industry using the materials

Raw material: basalt continuous fiber with diameter of 6 - 9 mm
Basalt fiber roving
Basalt twisted thread for textile industry
Knitted fabric
Woven fabric
Insulation cloth, nets
Thin reinforcing cloth
Electrical insulation materials (plastics roll, printed-circuit boards)
Facing and fireproof materials
Electrical industry
Electronic industry
Chemical industry
Production of plastics and building materials
Raw material: basalt continuous fiber with diameter of 10 …15 mm
Basalt roving
Roving cloth and nets
Chopped fiber
Needled felt
Shaped basalt plastic products
Basalt plastic Rods and Rebar
Chopped fiber for reinforcing of plastics
Reinforcing roving cloth
Geo textiles for reinforcement of pavement, geo grids, coast protection
Heat insulating products from needled felt
Electrical industry
Chemical industry
Construction material industry Production of plastics and building materials
Power industry
Engineering industry
Automobile industry
Raw material: basalt continuous fiber with diameter of 15 …19 mm
Basalt roving
Chopped basalt fiber
Reinforcing nets
Roving cloth for basalt-plastic products
Concrete and coatings reinforced with Chopped fiber
Reinforcing material for brake blocks
Construction material industry
Engineering industry
Automobile industry
Road construction
Industrial construction
Raw material: continuous basalt fiber with diameter more than 19 mm
Chopped fiber Material for reinforcing concrete and asphaltic-concrete road pavements Engineering industry
Construction material industry
Road construction
Industrial construction

Construction. Road and Earthquake Proof construction

Structural and finishing materials, reinforcing materials for asphaltic-concrete road pavements, highways and take-off runways; reinforcing meshes. See article Information about application of basalt chopped fiber for reinforcing of concrete and asphalt-concrete.

Basalt-plastic rod and rebar. More information Guidance of the Scientific-and-Research Institute of Ferro-Concrete, Moscow city, RF.

Geotextiles, geogrids. Appliancation of basalt fiber based materials in road building
Basalt-plastic composites, roofing materials, waterproof materials for construction.

Construction material industry:

  • Basalt chopped fiber for reinforcing of concrete and asphaltic-concrete structures, self-leveling floors, finishing covering
  • Reinforcing plastering nets, waterproof materials for roof and underground structures
  • Corrosion-resistant insulating materials with strength exceeding the strength of stainless steel
  • Incombustible and fireproof composite materials for nuclear power plants, oil-refining and chemical plants, heat-insulating partitions in high-rise buildings.

Hydraulic engineering construction: reinforcing materials for dams and offshore platforms, corrosion-preventing materials. Port constructions, sea platforms - reinforcing and constructional materials made from basalt-plastics; paint and varnish proof coverings of bridges, tunnels; waterproof coverings for ferro-concrete installations; nonflammable and heat-resistant paints and varnish coverings.

Municipal engineering: composites, big diameter pipelines of water supply and sewage water, elements of sewerage system, filters for waste water at sewage water treatment plants.

Machinery construction: composite materials, constructional materials, constructions suitable for environment with strong vibrations & alternating load, grids for reinforcement of cutoff wheel, sound-proof materials, heat insulation of thermal equipment, filters for cleaning of waste gases from dust and industrial drains.

Motor-car construction: heat isolation material for manufacturing of automobile mufflers, panels, screens, plastics, reinforcing material for shoes & disks, constructional plastics, nonflammable composite materials, cords for automobile tire covers, chopped fiber for reinforcing plastic, etc. BCF roving used at the production of fuel tanks, LPG & compressed NG cylinders. Anticorrosive, with great dispatch and wears proof coverings of the bottoms of cars.

See Article. Application of the basalt continuous fiber materials in automobile construction.  

Shipbuilding: seawater-proof composite materials & products, heat & sound insulation for ship installations, equipment; heat-insulated plates for ship hulls & engine compartments, structural materials. Small ship construction: for construction of ship hulls & superstructures, as well as corrosion-proof, reinforced paint-lacquer coverings of ship hulls & superstructures

Carriage engineering: structural composites and products, flame-retardant heat and sound isolation materials of carriages; reinforcing of structural plastics, noncombustible materials, electro insulation materials; anti-wear of lacquer coating

Aircraft industry: composite materials for cabins and structural components, heat-insulating and soundproof materials closed by the waterproofing fabrics for engines and fuselages, constructional composite and high-temperature materials, BCF needled punched mat used for gas-transfer aggregates.

Power industry: heat-insulting materials for steam generators and steam turbines, electric insulating materials, cores of wires for high-voltage power transmission lines, incombustible heat-insulating and structural materials for nuclear power engineering, antiradiation materials.

Chemical industry - production of chemically proof materials and products, such as: pipes, tanks for aggressive liquids, acids, alkalis, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, poisonous substances. Chemically proof covering of tanks, pipelines, metal constructions, ferro-concrete constructions. Filters for cleaning from dust, filters for exit gases and industrial wastes, high-temperature filters.

Petrochemical industry - chemical and wear-proof coverings of tanks, pipelines, oil pipelines; nonflammable coverings & composites; fire-resistant composites and insulating materials; oil pipes.

Metallurgy - thermo-insulation materials for thermal equipment, furnaces, recuperators, pipelines; filters made from BCF for filtration of metals melt during casting; filters for clearing of waste gases from dust at ore-mining & processing plants; sewage water filters

Cryogenic engineering: heat-insulating materials for equipment for producing liquefied gases, including: liquid oxygen, nitrogen, etc.


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