Company's offers on supplying of technological equipment and organization of materials manufacturing

Commissioning of the process equipment in Perm regionCommissioning of the process equipment in Perm regionWe offer integrated supply, installation, and commissioning of the processing equipment for basalt continuous fiber (BCF) production.

Supply equipment and organization of BCF materials manufacturing; equipment for  producing of Super-thin basalt fiber (STBF) and Staple-thin basal fiber (TBF),  equipment for  manufacture of heat-insulating materials made from  STBF and TBF.

Our specialists make a selection of basalt raw materials of local deposits and quarries suitable for continuous fiber production.

Creation of Project documentation for Factory for production of BCF and materials based on BCF, Plants for manufacturing of heat-insulating materials on the basis of STBF and TBF.

Company's offers on supplying of process equipment and organization of BCF and BCF materials production:

  • Delivery, montage and starting of equipment for the industrial production of BCF, including: BCF rovings, chopped fiber, twisted thread.
  • Supply and commissioning of the processing equipment for manufacturing of materials based on BCF: basalt fabrics, reinforcing nets, building meshes, road geo-meshes, non-woven materials, basalt-plastic rebar, pipes, rods and other composite materials and articles.
  • Supply, installation, and commissioning of processing equipment for industrial production of STBF and TBF, heat-insulating materials made on STBF and TBF basis: felts, mats, rigid and soft plates.
  • Delivery, montage and starting of equipment for production of basalt scales.
  • Author's supervision of the production process; warranty and post warranty maintenance of equipment;
  • Supporting at the organization of sales market of products made from BCF;
  • Patent protection of productions on the basis of own patents for inventions.

Basalt Continuous Fiber

TE BCF process lineTE BCF process lineProposals on the process equipment for production of basalt continuous fiber (BCF).

  • Implementation of complex of works on the determination of basalt, selected of local deposits and quarries, that is suitable for the production of continuous fibres;
  • Development of data for planning and creation of projects of BCF and BCF materials Plants;
  • Participation in planning and in organization of BCF     and BCF materials production;
  • Manufacture, supply, installation, and gradually commissioning of the TE BCF 1500- 2000 Processing Lines for industrial manufacture of basalt continuous fiber;
  • Supply and installation of the equipment and technological lines for reprocessing primary basal continuous fiber into marketable materials based of basalt fiber;
  • Organization of industrial production of BCF and based on BCF materials for plants with production productivities of 3 000 / 5 000 / 10 000 tons a year.

Materials on the basis of BCF

Supply of process equipment for manufacturing of materials made of basaltic fibres, such as: looms, machines, technological lines for producing of fabrics, meshes, needled-punched mats, paper, rebar, tubes and pipes of large diameters and other composite materials.
Process equipment for producing of materials on the BCF basis is supplied according to requests of Customers. More information see «Basalt continuous fibers materials production».

Integrated solutions

BFCMTD’s work model implies providing customer with full means for total cycle production, beginning with determination of basalt raw material, and ending with finished products – BCF-based materials and products. This kind of total cycle production model is highly effective and profitable, payback period of complex BCF materials project is 2, 5…3 years.

BCF production is based on use of TE BCF 1500-2000 technological lines. TE BCF 2000 lines are the base for BCF production plants with production capabilities of 3 000 / 5 000 / 10 000 tons p.a.

Modular principle of BCF process lines and also combined solutions of the fabricating, delivery, and launching of the process equipment for BCF and BCF materials manufacturing (fabrics, meshes, needled-punched mats, composites) makes possible to start up production gradually and create Basaltic Production Complex enough efficiently.

Heat-insulating materials on basis of BTF and STBF

Heat-insulating materialsHeat-insulating materialsManufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning of processing equipment for production of heat-insulating materials made of Super thin basalt fiber (STBF) and Staple thin basalt fiber (TBF): felts, mats, rigid and soft plates.

BTV 200 Process lines for producing of TBF and slabs with density of 50 – 180 kg/m3, board  with density of 200 - 220 kg/m3, BCTB 20M, BSTF 20, BSTF 40 plants for manufacturing of STBF and equipment for fabricating of heat-and-sound-insulating materials of high quality: felts, needled mats.


Basalt scale

Manufacture, supply, installation, and commissioning of BSk 20 and BSk 60 and BSk 60 plants for production of basalt scales,  equipment for producing of chemical -and-corrosion-  resistant coatings and composite materials reinforced by basalt scale.

Propositions for countries with a developing economy

Countries with an activity developing economy, such as: Brazil, Venezuela, Vietnam, India and others are most promising regions for production of BCF and thermal insulation materials on the basic of basaltic fibres. This is due to several factors:

  • low cost of energy resources: of natural gas, associated petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, electricity;
  • availability of qualified personnel, at a relatively low level of wages;
  • sufficiently capacious and developed domestic market of application of materials made from basalt fibres;
  • possibility to delivery for export products based on basalt fiber.

For these regions the cost of production of basalt fibres and materials on their basis is low. Accordingly, the production of materials on the basis of basalt fibres has high profitability. The payback period of most expensive project - the organization of BCF production and BCF materials is fairly short.

Experts of the company have extensive experience in organization of production and sales of materials on the basis of basalt fiber.

Energy saving technologies in industry

Furnace for heat treatment of metal productsFurnace for heat treatment of metal productsInspection of park furnaces and thermal equipment. Energy audit. Development of recommendations on energy efficiency for power-greedy industrial enterprises of power engineering, metallurgy, chemical industries.

Execution of reconstruction projects for heating, thermal, kilning, bell-type and other furnaces, as well  as for thermal equipment with application of energy saving technologies and special materials and equipment (fibrous fettle materials, recuperation system and etc).

These innovations will guarantee reducing of energy consumption by 20…50%.

We offer to the introduction of technology and equipment that will allow:

  • To reduce energy recourses consumption – natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, electric power significantly; use of associated petroleum gas;
  • To reduce  manufacturing cost of power-intensive production (for porcelain and ceramics products, rolled metal, pipes, rolled sheets, building materials and so on).

Energy saving technologies is implemented gradually, step by step:

First Stage:

Our specialists inspect furnaces, thermal equipment, power-consuming plants, make an audit of energy consumption, compile energy saving proposals, provide technical and economic assessment, economic efficiency evaluation.

Second Stage:

Selection of priority objects for reconstruction. Performance of design works, heating engineering calculations, preparation of engineering specifications for furnaces, thermal equipment, power consuming plants reconstruction.

Third stage:

Performance of reconstruction works, including: manufacturing, montage or installing guidance of additional equipment, implementation of lining works, launching of reconstructed furnaces and thermal equipment.


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