Process equipment for basalt fiber production

Our Company is a designer and manufacturer of process equipment for the production of basalt continuous fiber (BCF) and materials on their basis, and also thermal insulation materials based on thin and super thin basalt fibres.

Basalt continuous fiber

TE BCF 1500-2000 processing lineTE BCF 1500-2000 processing lineOur Company mastered of TE BCF 1500-2000 processing line, which is developed on the basis of BCF GM new series installations with the low energy consumption.

For achievement high economic efficiency and quick investment payback it is most rationally to organize industrial production on the process line TE BCF 1500 - 2000 with productivity of 2,000 -2,500 tons per year of BCF.TE BCF 1500-2000 processing line is designed for industrial production of BCF. The line with 16 units (bushings) has a productivity of 1,500 tons a year, the line with 22 units – 2000 tons a year.

Technical Data Measure units TE BCF 1500 TE BCF 2000
Number of Modular unites (bushing) pcs. 16 22
The productivity of the production line * ton/year 1500 2000
A mode of behavior night-and-day.     day/year,  stop for repairing day/year 345-350 345-350
Consumption of gas m³/h 120 160
Consumption of electric power         (220/380,50 Hz) not less кVА 300 400
Consumption of technical water (in grader) m³/h 3.5 - 4.5 4.5 - 6.0
Weight of a spool with basalt continuous fiber kg 2.5–3.5 2.5–3.5
BCF production line overall dimension
- width; m 6.5 6.5
- length; m 30 40
- height with a recuperator m 6.5 6.5

*Notes. The actual productivity depends on the quality of basalt raw material and qualification of the operators of the processing units.

Installations BCF-1GM and BCF-2GM Modular units are the basis of the 2000 TE BCF processing line.

BCF-1GM- Modular gas-electric installations with single bushing-assembly; it’s main application is working though the operating modes of BCF production, researching of fusion processes of various basalts types and selection of basalt raw material, training of  personnel operate of the equipment.

BCF-2GM - Modular installations use for industrial BCF production.
BCF 1500 – 2000 processinglineiscomplicatedbymainandauxiliaryequipmentforproducingofmarketableBCFproducts(BCF roving, BCF chopped fiber, twisted thread), including:  site for lubricant preparation, dryers, equipment for rewinding of the primary BCF into roving, chopping machines, laboratory QC, accessories and others… Under the client’s requirements, TE BCF 1500 – 2000 technological line can be complicated by machines for twisted thread producing.

BCF industrial production with annual output of 2,000 -2,500 tons  is economically advantageous and cost-effective manufacture, and has enough short terms return on investment . BCF manufacturers with annual productivity of 4,000, 6,000, 10,000 tons of BCF are created on the basis of the TE BCF 2000 processing lines.

The main technical parameters of the industrial equipment for BCF production is shown in section "Basalt Continuous Fiber. Industrial equipment."

Equipment for production of materials based on BCF:

Standard section materials, reinforcement ( rebar), bar, rods, pipes, non woven materials, fabrics, reinforcing and road meshes.

  • Pultrusion process lines for manufacturing of basalt-plastic standard section materials, rods and rebar.
  • Process lines for chopped strand mats production (made from chopped fiber).
  • Machine for producing basalt roving fabrics (structural fabrics).
  • Process equipment for fabrication of reinforcing and construction meshes, road nets.
  • Process equipment for manufacturing of needle-punched mats.
  • Process lines for production of pipes using the winding technique.  
  • Process equipment for producing of tanks, reservoirs and high pressure cylinders
  • Looms for producing of basalt fabrics made from twisted thread.

More detailed information about process equipment for fabrication of materials and products on the BCF basis see in section «Basalt continuous fibers materials production».

Joint production of BCF and materials based on BCF  is most expedient; it allows to orient the production of BCF materials and products  to final consumers and make the BCF enterprise even more profitable.

Equipment for manufacture of Heat-insulating materials

Технологическая линия STBF-800Технологическая линия STBF-800Company’s offer
 Process equipment for manufacture of heat - insulating materials:
- Process lines for production of heat-insulating slabs with density of 50 -180 kg/m3 made from staple thin basalt fiber. Main specifications of the process lines are presented in section Staple thin basalt fiber - Equipment for production of heat-insulating materials
- Process equipment of new generation for production of super thin basalt fiber and materials of their basis - heat- insulating felts and punched mats.  Main specifications of the process equipment are presented in section  Equipment for production of STBF and STBF materials  -    BCTF 20M, BSTF 20, BSTF 40 plants.

Equipment for basalt scales production

BSk 20 and BSk 60 gas-electric plants for manufacture of basalt scales.

Equipment for Energy-saving technologies

Equipment of application of energy-saving technologies in industry includes recuperators, heat-exchangers, heat recovery and recycling systems, controllers of gas and water supply, gas burners, system of automation and control of technological processes, and other equipment. The equipment will be made, completed and delivered in accordance with the reconstruction design of the existing furnaces and thermal equipment, or bundled with the delivery of new furnaces. High temperature fibrous materials are used for fettling of the heating furnaces. Thus these materials combine properties refractory and thermal-insulating materials concurrently. Usage of equipment, energy-saving system, new fettle materials in complex allows to reduce of energy consumption by 20… 50% for heating and kilning furnaces.

See more information in section Guidelines on application of energy-saving technologies in industry


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