Scope of application of basalt fiber materials

Due to their properties and characteristics, basalt fiber and end-basalt fiber products have unusually broad application prospects in various industries, in energy and construction.

Industrial production

Machinery  constructionMachinery constructionMachinery construction
Composite materials, structural and reinforcing materials, heat insulation of thermal equipment and mains.
Seawater-proof composite materials and products, structural materials; heat and sound isolation of equipment. At construction of small ships - construction of ship hulls and additional structures, as well as corrosion-proof reinforced paint and varnish coverings of ships.


Aviation industry and  rocket productionAviation industry and rocket productionAviation industry and rocket production
Composite and structural materials; heat and sound insulating canvases, covered by the waterproofing cloth and used for heat insulation of engines and fuselage; soundproofing of the exhaust duct gasdynamic installations.


Carriage buildingCarriage buildingCarriage building
Composite structural materials; electro-insulating materials; heat and sound isolation of carriages; reinforcement of engineering plastics, nonflammable composite materials.


Automotive industryAutomotive industryAutomotive industry
Interior composite materials (die cone, decorative plastics), bumper, car body fairings, heat and sound insulation material for production of automobile mufflers, heat insulating gaskets in engine, screens, plastics, reinforcing material for the manufacture of brake blocks and clutch discs, engineering plastics. Prospectively – nonflammable composite materials, cords for automobile tires, suspension parts of the vehicle, load-bearing elements of the body of a car body. More information see article «Application of basalt fiber in motor-car construction»).


Chemical and petrochemical industryChemical and petrochemical industryChemical and petrochemical industry
The production of chemically resistant pipes, containers, protective coatings, non-flammable composites. 
BCF filters to purify the waste gases from dust and industrial effluents.


Power engineeringPower engineeringPower engineering
Thermal insulation of thermal equipment for boilers, turbines. Electro insulating materials (voltage up to 500 kV), composites, supporting core for high voltage power lines, insulation and supporting rods for PTL insulators, towers and structural elements of PTL towers. Materials for nuclear energy – non-combustible heat insulating and structural materials, materials for fire protection of NPP steel structures, fire doors, cable passages. BCF materials can also be used as good anti-radiation protection.

Electronic industry a reinforcing material for production of circuit boards, electronic equipment enclosures, housings for laptops.


Materials for filters of wastewater treatment plants, pipes and hot water supply, sewerage, structures of sewers and covers of collectors.

Cryoengineering and equipment
Insulating materials in production of liquefied gases, liquid oxygen, etc.


MetallurgyMetallurgyMetallurgy Thermal insulating materials for thermal equipment, heat exchangers, pipelines and communications. Filters for cleaning exhaust gases from dust at mining and metallurgical plants, filters for wastewater treatment.


Гидротехническое строительствоГидротехническое строительствоHydraulic engineering
Reinforcing materials for dam construction, materials for land irrigation.
Construction of port facilities, offshore platforms - reinforcing and structural basalt-plastic materials, corrosion protection of steel structures and equipment.


Производство строительных материаловПроизводство строительных материаловAppliance of chopped basalt fiber for reinforcement of concrete constructions and asphaltic concrete road surfaces, building blocks and foam concrete products; reinforcing meshes for construction of roadway paving.
See article “Appliancation of basalt fiber based materials in road building”


Construction and production of building materialsConstruction and production of building materialsConstruction and production of building materials
Building construction and decorative plastics; reinforcing meshes; roofing and waterproofing materials, basalt-plastic rebars for construction of bridges and tunnels, railway sleepers, subway.


Fire-retardant materials
In contrast to fibreglass, basalt fibres allow to produce composite materials based on inorganic binders, i.e. non-combustible and fire-resistant materials. This is a new class of composite materials. Application of these materials is important for the construction of important industrial facilities with high fire safety, nuclear power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, high-rise buildings, shipbuilding, carriage building and automotive industry.


Application of energy-saving technologies, high temperature and thermal insulating materials for various branches of industries

Our specialists have extensive experience in the application of energy-saving technologies for enterprises of various industries. More information see "Examples of the application of energy-saving technologies in industry").

Engineering industry enterprises

Furnaces for heat treatment of metal articles - fettling the walls and vault of furnaces, burner stones made from fibrous materials, packing cords. Installing  the recuperators, the use of internal recovery system and recuperative burners.

Bogie hearth furnaces - the working layer of walls and vault, burner stones,   sealing insulation of movable elements of the hearth. Installing heat exchangers -recuperators, burners of variable geometry of the torch, recuperative burners.

Bell-type, vertical, elevator and shaft furnaces - fettling of the walls and vault, burner stones, packing cords. Installation of recuperative burners and recuperators, the use of forced convection; the usage of flat flame’s burners and radiant heating systems.

Heating furnaces - fettling of the walls, vault and hearth of the furnaces,  outer fettling of coreless induction furnaces, heat-insulating layer for cored induction furnaces, the use of all reserves of internal recuperation system, including the forced convection;  creation internal and external thermal  and  fire screens, if possible design of  П - shaped furnaces with zones of recuperation and  heating zones. funnel dryers for bulk materials - thermal insulation, packaging cords.

Ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy

Plant for ore roasting - insulation layers of flues.

Plant the recovery of iron ore pellets - fettling with usage of fibrous and meltblown materials.

Air heaters of blast furnaces – thermal insulation of walls, crown, air ducts of hot blast.

Open-hearth furnaces - structural insulating layers, thermal insulation of vaults and walls of the furnaces, roofs of the regenerators, thermo-insulation of covers of loading devices.

Boilers - utilizers of furnaces and convectors - insulating layers and high temperature filters.

Casting ladles for metal - insulation of the covers ladles and of the covers installations for heating of ladles before metal's teeming.

Furnaces for  metal heating before rolling -fettling vaults, working and insulating layers of walls, the usage of recuperators or regenerators, the use of burners with disk-shaped  flame in furnaces having a horizontal loading.
Heat insulating shields located over the metallic ingots before their rolling.

Furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals - vaults, doors, heat exchangers, etc.

Gas furnaces for heat treatment of metal - the fettling of walls and vault, heat reclaimers flue gas, flat- flame's burners; the usage radiant heating system for furnace operation in protective atmosphere.

Bell-type furnaces for heat treatment of cold rolled sheet rolls - fettling of burning zones, usage of burner stones, heat reclaimers (recuperators), of flat- flame's burners; application of forced circulation of protective gas in the furnace; usage of hydrogen medium.

Tube-rolling mills

Casting ladles for metal - insulation of the covers ladles and of the covers installations for heating of ladles before metal's teeming.

Thermal insulation elements of headpieces moulds for casting of blanks for seamless pipes.

Annular furnaces - fettling of the walls and suspended vaults; usage of the flat flame burners; use of recuperators.

Furnaces with walking beams - fettling of the walls, suspended vault; thermal insulation of the moving and non-moving beams; usage of burners with disk-shaped flame.
Sectional furnaces of heating of pipes before hardening and thermal treatment - fettling of furnace sections; cords for joint packing of furnace sections; usage of flat- flame's burners.

Roller electric and gas furnaces for heat treatment of pipes - fettling of the walls and the furnace roof; insulating layer of the furnace hearth; heat insulation of rollers (to decrease of entrainment heat with cooling water).   

Enterprises of chemical and oil-chemical industry, petroleum refineries

Tube furnaces for various purposes ( for reforming, pyrolysis, etc.) – working layer of the walls and vault; fettling of the radiation and convection chambers; thermal insulation and packing of inspection holes; burner stones.

Furnaces for combustion of sulfur pyrites - fettling of the walls and vault.

Steam boilers – fettle materials.

Furnaces of petroleum refineries – fettling of the walls and vault, burner stones.

Enterprises for manufacture of building materials and ceramic

High-temperature furnaces for kilning of ceramicsHigh-temperature furnaces for kilning of ceramicsHigh-temperature furnaces for kilning of ceramics - fettling of the walls and vault, and in some case fettling of hearth of the furnace; heating of  a combustion air  in recuperator;  thermal insulation of recuperators; creation internal and external thermal  and  fire screens; exhaust gas recirculation;  if possible design of  П - shaped furnaces with zones of recuperation and  heating zones.

Reconstruction of furnaces for kilning of porcelain.
Tunnelling furnaces for baking of bricks – fettling of the walls and vault, usage of flat flame's burners; heating of a combustion air; creation of backward flow.

Tunnelling furnaces for tile burning – fettling of the walls and  plain vaults; usage of burner furnaces; thermal insulation of inspection holes and access covers; use of burners with disk-shaped  flame;  creation of backward flow.

Glass industry

Glass furnaces – thermal insulation of vaults and walls of furnaces and regenerators. 

Drum-type dryers for drying of sand and dolomite- external thermal insulation of drums, creation of backward flow.

Annealing furnaces - fettling of walls and vault.

Power industry

Fettling of steam boilers, steam pipe-lines, heat runs, thermal equipment, turbines.

Examples of practical application of energy saving technologies at the industrial enterprises of different industries are represented here "Examples of the application of energy-saving technologies in industry"

Application of High Temperature Materials and High Temperature Composites (HTCM)

High-temperature materials and high-temperature composite materials have application in the industrial furnaces, thermal equipment; at the execution phase of energy-saving technologies usage; in the fabrication of thermal-insulating materials and fire-proof materials; in the manufacturing of gas burners and special equipment. Fibers, glues, inorganic binding substances, pastes, fettle materials, jointing compounds, gunite mass, coatings, paints and others special products are used.

High Temperature Composites - VTKM-1, VТКМ-2, VТКМ-3, VТКМ-4, VТКМ-5 Series - are intended for lining of thermal equipment,  smoke ducts; for complex of  repair works of furnace lining (of chamber and tunnel furnaces, pusher-type and other types of furnaces); for pasting together of high-temperature ceramic articles  (ceramic mothers for the bottom casting), for the manufacture of burning stones, as a binder in the production of thermal insulation and refractory materials; and for other usage. 

The main consumers of materials VTKM series are:

  • Industrial enterprises of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, building materials industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, power, etc., - enterprises that operating by the heating and thermal furnaces and thermal equipment; enterprises executing repair and reconstruction of the equipment;
  • Enterprises - manufacturers of thermal insulating and refractory materials  that use the binders VTKM series in the production;
  • Enterprises - manufacturers of furnaces and thermal equipment;
  • Companies performing work on fire-retardant coating of buildings and structures, especially responsible industrial facilities: of nuclear power stations, chemical and petrochemical complexes, etc.);
  • Companies producing of crucibles for melting non-ferrous metals, of auxiliary heating equipment (protective coating for crucibles, elements of gas burners and etc.) 


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