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SpecialistsSpecialistsBasalt Fiber Materials Technology Development (BFM TD), Hong Kong, and
Basalt Fiber and Composite Materials (BFCM) are research-and-production companies, which specialize in technologies development, equipment manufacturing, and industrial production organization.


At the moment Companies represent following facilities:



The Companies experts carry out complex works at the research of basalt from local deposits and quarries, analysis and select the best basalt raw material for manufacturing of basalt fiber and scale. Companies have la, and Basalt scale. To analyze and select basalt deposits, the specialists of BFM TD and BFCM develop the special procedure. This procedure was tested in the analysis and selection of basalt deposits for operating and designed plants in China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.

More information see: «Row Basalt».

Technologies and Equipment for production of basalt fibres, basalt scales and materials on their basis.

We propose to Customers Plants Designed Projects, Technologies and Process Equipment for producing of basalt fibers and materials made on their basis.

  1. Process Equipment for manufacturing of basalt of continuous fiber (BCF), Process lines TE BCF 2000-2500. Installation and launching of the Process Equipment for BCF production. Selection of basalt raw material which is suitable for fiber production.
  2. Process Equipment for manufacturing of BCF-based materials, such as: basalt chopped fiber, reinforcing and road meshes, basalt fabrics, non woven materials and mats, basalt-plastic rebar, rods and section materials, tubes, pipes and large0diameter pipes and other composites.
  3. Organization of the industrial production of BCF and BCF materials.
  4. Process Lines for manufacturing of Heat-insulating plates made from basalt fiber
  5. New generation of Super-thin basalt fiber (STBF) Plants, including: BCTF 20M, BSTF 20, BSTF 40 Plants.
  6. Equipment for manufacturing of basalt scale: BSk 20 and BSk 60.Plants
  7. Energy saving technologies and equipment, fibrous high temperature, fireproof and non flammable fibres and materials.


Experts of the company have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning processing equipment for production of BCF and materials of their basis, STBF and heat-insulating materials. Their portfolio includes BCF and STBF projects in Ukraine, Russia and China.

Dr. Osnos S.P., the leading specialist of the company, carried out all the basic scientific and engineering development works according to the state program No. 863 of Chinese Peoples Republic, "Continuous Basalt Fiber and Composite Materials on its Basis". Dr. Osnos guided installation of two BCF factories in China (one in Chengdu and one in Shanghai).

Executed projects, developments, scientific researching developed by our experts in field of basalt fiber and fiber-based materials are presented in section EXECUTED PROJECTS.
Executed Project with application of energy saving technologies, high - temperature and term-insulating materials are demonstrated in section "Energy-saving technologies of industrial applications ".


The company gives special attention to development of technologies and equipment for production of BCF and BCF-based materials. Production of BCF and materials on their basis is the most promising direction, which comply with the world trends in development of composites and reinforcing materials. The technologies developed by BFMTD allow manufacturing of high quality fibres on considerably low cost.

The production processes and key components of the processing equipment for BCF production are protected by our own patents for inventions. At the present time interest to basalt continuous fiber and basalt-plastic composites are growing. It is connected with following factors:

  • BCF techniques is new energy-saving technologies; and they are actively developing;
  • Whinstone-based fibers possess high initial strength, resistance to aggressive medium and environment, durability, non-flammability and ecological neutrality. So, BCF materials and articles have wide application in construction, road building, power engineering, and other branches of Industry;
  • Basalt – environmentally conscious natural material – is used for basalt fibers production. 1/3 of the Earth's crust consists of basalts; eruptive inert rocks are found worldwide and cost of basalt raw material is very low;
  • Recent achievements in BCF technologies and the new generation of BCF equipment created by our experts provide the possibility to reduce consumption of energy resources, increase productivity, and, accordingly, the production cost of high quality basalt fiber is reduced significantly and is approaching to fiber glass production cost.


  1. We guarantee operation of the process equipment for BCF production the technologies used;
  2. Our experts carry out selection and study of basalt from local basalt deposit, located close to the planned BCF production, and they will choose the best basalt, which is suitable as a raw material for basalt fiber production;
  3. Process equipment will be fabricated ​​on the basis of materials and components the Client's country and also materials and equipment optimized at price and quality of the leading world manufacturers;
  4. Deadlines of manufacturing and commissioning of process equipment, if engineering utilities were supplied and production premises are ready to installation of the equipment;
  5. Our Company uses its unique state-of-the-art modern equipment and energy- saving technologies to secure the low cost of production and to reach the highest profitability for manufacture of BCF and BCF-based materials;
  6. Integrated solutions for organization of Industrial BCF production, materials and products based on the BCF. BFMTD provides complex range of services in BCF production, beginning from technological consultations, finishing with creating of the whole project, including: project design, manufacturing, delivery, set up and launching of the process equipment, training of staff, and design supervision under operating of the equipment in future;
  7. BFMTD provides a new manufacturer with legal protection, based on it’s technological and equipment engineering patents;
  8. Support at the organization of sales BCF materials and BCF-based products, including for export sales.


All basic process technologies and key components of the process equipment associated with the entire cycle of the BCF production are protected by our patents for inventions.


Process equipment, integrated solutions for organization of the BCF production offered by our company, provide a high level of profitability of the manufacturing of BCF and materials on their basis.

Integrated solutions of the fabricating, delivery, and launching of the process equipment, modular principle of BCF process lines makes possible start up production gradually; the first BCF modular unit runs after 5..6 months from the date of the beginning investment, small volume of BCF will be produced, technological modules are installed step by step – this approach allows start production immediately after the module’s installation; after 15…16 months (in concordance with stuff training) the outputting will be reach to designed productivity .

Payback period of the BCF and BCF materials project is 2, 5…3 years.


Basalt – environmentally conscious natural material – is used for basalt fibers production The technology of BCF production process is not hazardous for environment; it does not produce any emission, only products of natural gas combustion. Also, production process does not generate harmful liquid wastes: a circulating water supply is used. Only domestic waste water from showers and toilets, from cleaning premises and washing working places at the end of shifts goes to the sewers. The only waste in the production of BCF is coarse fibers, which are formed during the manufacturing process. At the smoothly running manufacturing process such coarse fibers accounts for about 5%.
These wastes are easy to recycle, milled coarse fibers can be sold as a commercial product - reinforcing material for concrete and asphalt -concrete.


Survey park furnaces and thermal equipment. Energy audit. Development of recommendations on energy efficiency for power-greedy industrial enterprises of power engineering, metallurgy, chemical industries.
Execution of projects of reconstruction of heating furnaces and thermal equipment with application of energy saving technologies and special materials and equipment (fibrous fettle materials, recuperation system and etc). Reconstruction of furnaces and thermal equipment. These procedures will guarantee reducing of energy consumption by 20-50%.


High - temperature materials of special appliancation (fibers, glues, inorganic binding substances, fettle materials); products made of high-temperature fibrous materials (burner stones of gas and liquefied fuel-jets and kettles, special products).

Application of Energy-saving technologies and High-temperature materials in Industry makes it possible to decrease of consumption of energy resources (gas and electricity) by 20-50%, which has a beneficial impact on environment.




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